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Robert Bergstrom

Robert Bergstrom has over 25 years of experience designing, building, and leading cloud-native, secure, and highly available digital solutions and software development efforts. He has spent many of those years developing and delivering vital mission capabilities for U.S. Government clients including the DHS, DOD, and NSF. As CTO at Skybrid, Mr. Bergstrom is focused on developing and discovering new technologies and approaches while applying these innovations to complex customer requirements.


Mr. Bergstrom has drawn on his deep expertise to guide multiple federal cloud transformations, data analytics, and Agile development projects.  He was the Senior System Architect responsible for the cloud transformation of a portfolio of systems responsible for processing student visas. He designed and built a data analytics system using an expert system to correlate information from multiple ISR systems. Mr. Bergstrom was the Senior Architect behind a decision support system that provided users with recommendations based on data extracted using natural language processing (NLP) and full-text search engines. He has also built big data analytics systems using DataOps approaches to process high volumes of data into data lakes for analysis and reporting.


In the commercial world, Mr. Bergstrom led the development and deployment of a biometric identification and decision support system. The system was deployed in multiple countries to strengthen airport and immigration security. Mr. Bergstrom built the project team from the ground up. The team was backed by a Kubernetes-based CI/CD pipeline deployed in the cloud. He addressed the challenge of analyzing multiple streaming data sets collected from disparate geographic locations. The data sets were distilled into a knowledge graph using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms to resolve entities found in the incoming data with the existing knowledge graph. The result was distributed to multiple locations via a closed network allowing immigration professionals to make real-time decisions – usually while the customer was waiting at the booth.

Mr. Bergstrom earned his Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech as well as his CISSP certification.

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