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The number of interconnected devices and infrastructures continues to increase at a faster pace than the industry and federal regulations can keep up with thus expanding the total cyber threat surface exponentially. The risk is not only real, but daily being realized with new reports of corporate data and critical infrastructure being compromised as the lines between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are eliminated. Our team’s paradigm is “Security from Day One.” This drives our approach to ensuring that capabilities we build do not bolt-on security as an afterthought, but instead have a foundational understanding of the inherent threats and how we address and mitigate them built into the fabric of every solution we deliver.


Data drives decisions, and the ability to efficiently collect, rapidly analyze, and accurately interpret that data produces strategic insights that are imperative to decision makers. We provide artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities such as DataOps or MLOps to interpret and proactively act based on trends identified in complex mountains of data. Whether it be pulling operational data from an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor ecosystem as inputs into a predictive analytics condition based maintenance solution or leveraging those same emerging technologies in a battlefield scenario to provide troops greater situational awareness and safety, we understand the impact of a strong data analytics capability on a client’s mission.


It’s no longer enough to build static applications that exist in silos. Modern application development encompasses all environmental components from ubiquitous infrastructure all the way through to deployment and operations. Our Agile full stack development approach stems from building containerized DevSecOps pipelines on scalable infrastructure and automating the testing, scanning, and deployment processes to provide secure, data-focused solutions. We build rapid prototypes to accelerate decision making and ensure we are delivering a capability that meets business and mission objectives while creating an optimal user experience.


With the pace of technical change and business disruption increasingly impacting operations, organizations need to evolve their perspective, promptly pivot, agilely adapt, and modernize. Emerging technologies continue to present opportunities for more connected and intersected solutions while leveraging more distributed capabilities and workforces. We recognize that digital transformation is a crucial journey and not simply a quick fix or cool catchphrase. Our outcome-based approach drives us as we partner with our clients every step of this journey to ensure we understand what success looks like for them, incorporate their ongoing feedback throughout the iterative process, and deliver a solution that delights them while meeting their business and mission objectives.

Learn more about Skybrid Flare

Skybrid Flare is our secure, containerized, and automated DevSecOps innovation platform enabling distributed development, test, and security teams to rapidly create capabilities with end-to-end CI/CD pipelines and zero trust principles. Flare demonstrates Skybrid’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower organizations to accelerate the development and deployment of secure capabilities, transform data into discovery, and rapidly realize results.


To learn more about the Flare solution, click on the Flare icon below or email the Skybrid team at


All our digital solutions – from our full stack development approach, to deriving mission insights from analytics, to delivering secure solutions – are accelerated by cloud technologies which enable rapid deployment of transformative capabilities into global mission settings. A cloud-first approach is about more than just modernizing infrastructure. Benefit should be realized in the form of more rapid deployments, broader access to emerging technologies, greater customer service, and at times, lower costs. Whether it be migrating systems into cloud environments, providing cloud managed services solutions, or leveraging cloud AI/ML analytics platforms to deliver near-real time data intelligence, our team brings compelling experience using cloud technologies to rapidly deploy secure and highly scalable mission solutions to increasingly distributed environments and stakeholders.


Driving Secure Mission Solutions through Innovation & Automation

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