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Alison Maher brings 25 years of executive level policy and leadership experience both domestically and globally. As the President and CEO of Skybrid Solutions, she advises clients on emerging technologies and mission critical solutions. Before transitioning back to the private sector, Alison spent over a decade serving as a Diplomat at the U.S. Embassies in China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East, at the State Department in Washington, DC, and as a U.S. Advisor to the United Nations.

She has served in a variety of senior positions where she led multinational and inter-agency teams around the world. Additionally, Alison managed a diverse range of foreign policy priorities including China’s trade relations, counterterrorism issues in the Middle East and South Asia, international negotiations on Iranian sanctions, directing the distribution of $10 billion in U.S. humanitarian aid to Africa, leading coordination with the Department of Defense on strategic and political-military issues, negotiations on U.S. foreign aid to Israel, and overseeing nuclear proliferation issues and foreign military sales to the Middle East, among other mission priorities.

Prior to her diplomatic career, Alison worked in the Intelligence Community (IC). She managed special assignments and interagency teams on counterterrorism, terrorist financing, weapons proliferation, and the Iraq Task Force. During her government career, Alison advised numerous Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense, and senior congressional and cabinet members.

Alison’s background in consulting began earlier, working in management consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and in corporate finance at Goldman Sachs. She also brings years of expertise as a Strategic Advisor and broad leadership experience serving on the board of several non-profit organizations. Alison earned a Bachelor of Arts from NYU and a Master of Science from Georgetown University. She is the recipient of numerous State Department, IC, and interagency Superior and Meritorious Honor Awards.


Alison Maher

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